all the other ladies you called also got the phone numbers dummy
also sweetheart
come on over honey
come to the house
do you have nothing better to do
even though you're using a burn phone
give me a break may god strike you dead you piece of shit
god is lookin at you now and goin where the hell did I fuck up
hi how are you
I accidentally hit a button
I already got the first phone number that you called from
I already told you once before
I got a tracer on this phone I'm tracing this phone call
I got my own handyman that takes incredibly good care of me
I got this whole motherfuckin shit
I hit the button on my answering machine
I know how to play the widow bit to the full extent
I live in a double-wide mobile home
I think you're fuckin mentally ill
I will get another phone number from you
I will rip your fuckin face off and shove it down your throat
I'd love you to come over sweetheart
I'll see you in jail for harassment
I'm a widow and I know how to play that to the full extent
I'm gonna blow your belly button through your spine
I'm gonna give it to my nephew
I'm gonna report you
I'm gonna see you in jail for harassment
I'm gonna see you in jail
I'm not a nice lady honey I'm a motherfuckin bitch
I'm reporting you to him
I've already talked to everybody they don't know who the fuck you are
I've talked to richard teresa and the security guard
if you call me again I'd love to know where you live honey
if you call my phone again I'll make sure you don't get another phone anywhere honey
if you start your fuckin shit again buddy my nephew can trace your number
in the last four years my house was considered one of the prettiest with the sign in the front in this area
let me show you my concealed carry
let me show you what my concealed carry looks like
my nephew is a deputy sheriff
my nephew is a sheriff
they'll trace you down
this is my only day off and I don't want to deal with a piece of shit like you
uh yeah it works honey
we got em on our phone
what is your last thought gonna be
what is your problem
what kind of a christian plays your fuckin games
what the fuck are you talking about
what the fuck do you think this is
who the fuck is this
you are a piece of fucking shit
you can't even hardly probably walk or blow your nose
you know I'm gonna trace this phone call motherfucker
you know something
you know what
you should have been an aborted fetus
you try your fuckin shit with me any more buddy
you wanna play fuckin games buddy play games
you're being recorded
you're fucking nuts
you're recorded baby